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Citología de Impresión

La citología de impresión es un estudio en cual se recolectan células de la superficie ocular epitelial. Estas células pueden ser sometidos a estudios de histología, inmuno-histoquímica y análisis molecular. La técnica apropiada es fundamental para tomar un numero adecuado de células. Este estudio es útil para aquellos pacientes que sufran de diversas enfermedades de la superficie ocular con síndrome de ojo seco, metaplasia escamosa conjuntival y el monitoreo de tratamientos específicos.

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Impression Cytology

Impression cytology refers to the application of a cellulose acetate filter to the ocular surface to remove the superficial layers of the ocular surface epithelium. These cells can then be subjected to histological, immunohistological, or molecular analysis. Proper technique is essential as the number of cells sampled can vary considerably.
Applications for impression cytology include diagnosing a wide range of ocular surface disorders, documenting sequential changes in the conjunctival and corneal surface over time, staging conjunctival squamous metaplasia, and monitoring effects of treatment. It is also a useful investigational tool for analysing ocular surface disease with immunostaining and DNA analysis. It is non-invasive, relatively easy to perform, and yields reliable information about the area sampled with minimal discomfort to the patient. This is best achieved with a team approach including the ophthalmologist, pathologist, microbiologist, and the immunologist.

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