Tijuana Eye Center
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T: +52 664 634 0080 USA: +1 858 866 9295 WhatsAPP: +52 664 475 9441

Acerca de Tijuana Eye Center

Tijuana Eye Center es un centro supra-especializado en el cuidado de los ojos. Realizamos todos los estudios diagnósticos para cualquier enfermedad ocular.

Nuestros oftalmólogos tienen a su disposición la más alta tecnología en estudios diagnósticos para complementar la valoración cualquier padecimiento.

Gracias a los avances tecnológicos y de la ciencia, hoy es factible reducir los riesgos de enfermedades oculares si son diagnosticadas a tiempo.

Nuestro personal de la unidad diagnostica es personal paramédico dedicados exclusivamente al manejo y realización de estudios oftalmológicos. Realizamos los siguientes exámenes diagnósticos oftalmológicos:

Ultrasonografía Ocular
Biometría por Inmersión
Microscopia Especular
Paquimetría Corneal
Topografía por Elevación
Topografía Convencional

Tonometria por Histeresis Corneal (Corvis)
Evaluacion Biomecánica de la Cornea (Corvis)

Campimetría Visual Computarizada (Perimetría, Campo Visual)
Angiografía con Fluoresceína
Tomografía Óptica Coherente (Evaluación de Macula y Nervio Óptico)
Fotografía Oftálmica Digital
Prueba de Colores (Ishihara, Farnsworth 15 y 100)
Sensibilidad y Contraste
Evaluación de Estereopsis
Medición de Agudeza Visual Potencial

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About Tijuana Eye Center

Tijuana Eye Center was founded in 1976 in Baja California for the purpose of providing eye care services in the region. Through more than 30 years of continued growth in scope and size, Tijuana Eye Center has incorporated additional eye care specialties to be of greater service and value to a larger community. The clinic is located in the financial and commercial center of the city of Tijuana, ten minutes from the US border. Our faculty is composed of eight full-time Ophthalmologists with different sub-specialties, an Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology Department, and close collaboration with doctors specializing in Neurology, Rheumatology, Ear, Nose and Throat, and Plastic Surgery. We offer the most convenient, modern, and comprehensive ocular surgical center in the region, with projected plans to expand our facility.
Today, this legacy is continued by Dr. Rodriguez Perez, who from 2010 has been the medical director at Tijuana Eye Center. Dr. Rodriguez Perez has been at some of the most prestigious ophthalmology centers around the world such as the Barraquer Institute in Bogota, Cole Eye Institute in Cleveland, and the Instituto Microcirugia Ocular in Barcelona, Spain.  His vision of ophthalmic medicine is to provide the highest quality of eye care using the latest tecnological advances ensuring a high rate of success in the procedures performed at Tijuana Eye Center. As is to be expected, from being at some of the most reknown ophthalmology clinics in the world, he brings new surgical techniques, a global vision of medical eye care and new medical tendencies.
Tijuana Eye Center has been at its current location over the past 20 years. It has been here where it has had its greatest physical, scientific and technological growth. The Clinic currently encompasses more than 20, 000 square feet of construction of air-conditioned medical offices, surgical suites, diagnostic studies with ample private parking.
One of our priorities has been the use of the latest technological devices for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes relating to eye diseases. Tijuana Eye Center is currently staffed by 5 ophthalmologists trained at some of the most prestigious universities and medical centers in Mexico, North America, South America and Europe. The field of ophthalmology has grown dramatically over the past 30 years requiring the use of subspecialties such as Corneal and Refractive Surgery, Anterior Segment, Glaucoma, Uveitis, Retina and Vitreous, Strabismus, Pediatric Ophthalmology and Oculoplastic Lid and Reconstructive Surgery. These subspecialties are currently offered at the Clinic. Express Optical at Clinica de Ojos de Tijuana offers a wide variety of glasses and contact lenses for styles and visual requirements.
Additionally, our Optometry and Internal Medicine Department, work in close collaboration with our ophthalmologists, to offer integral care for all those patients with eye diseases caused by systemic illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes mellitus. This helps to ensure continued preservation of eye health.

Our diagnostic suite consists highly trained personnel that has undergone specialized training to use these sophisticated devices. They constantly undergo supervision to measure quality standards.

Ocular Ultrasonography
Immersion Biometry
Specular Microscopy
Corneal Pachymetry
Elevation Topography
Conventional Topography

Corneal Histerisis and Tonometry (Corvis)
Corneal Biomechanic Evaluation (Corvis)

Visual Computarized Perimetry
Optical Coherence Tomography
Digital Ophthalmic Photography
Color Testing (Ishihara, Farnsworth 15 y 100)

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